Podiatry Opportunities

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

We are currently undergoing a major expansion and looking for new providers for toenail fungus laser treatments. If you join our team:

  • We place the PinPointe laser in your office.
  • We train you and provide paperwork and technical support.
  • We schedule patients in your area (a few hours per week, based on your schedule).
  • Patients will come to your office for treatment, so there is no need to travel anywhere.

Why Join Us?

  • An additional source of revenue for your practice.
  • Our patients can purchase other services that you offer, due to increased exposure.
  • Less liability: Laser treatment is significantly safer than oral medications.
  • No risk: You can stop working with us at any time (without paying any fines).

Already Own a Pinpointe Foot Laser?

We can still work together even if you already own the Pinpointe laser:

  • We can buy the laser to refurbish it and use it in our facilities. We will pay you via credit card and even cover all shipping costs OR
  • You can become our provider, and we will send patients to be treated in your office

Ingrown Toenail Therapy

We are undergoing expansion and looking to add more providers of ingrown toenail treatments to our network. We market your practice to our patients and schedule them to get treatment your office.

Why Join Us?

  • Market your ingrown toenail services specifically to patients who are looking for these treatments, and are therefore more likely to book.
  • Get further exposure for other services that you offer, thereby gaining more patients.
  • No risk: You can stop working with us at any time (without paying any fines).

How to Start?

To begin any of our above listed services, choose one of the following:

  1. Submit online inquiry (use the form on the right side of this page)
  2. Email us at corporate@oahsolutions.com
  3. Call us at (323) 486-6008